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    Water-based cleaner machine is a water-based cleaning process design  cleaning equipment. Fully automatic finish cleaning- rinsing- drying  process, the main application is stencil, plastic mesh, scraper, the furnace jig cleaning, etc.

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    • Features :


      1.Dedicated to water-based cleaning fluid to clean stencils, PCBA, etc. Process with high pressure spray system.

      2.Double liquid tank, equipped with heating system, implementation needs cleaning and rinsing.

      3.Technological process: cleaning chemical isolation - rinse (open loop/closed loop) - dry

      4.Preparation of advanced automatic touch screen operating software, program files stored, used and its simplicity

      5.Counting system function, can automatically accumulated cleaning sheet number and loop filter

      6.Liquid and the pump pressure can be displayed through the panel pressure gauge, feedback the equipment running status

      7.Window cleaning pressure can be adjusted independently, process is more wide, solve the SMT stencil tension in the process of high pressure cleaning problem.

      8.Drift lotion resistivity monitoring, ensure the cleanliness, the resistivity can be set up, meet the demand of different halftone technique Max 740mm(L) ×740mm(W) × 40mm(H) 

      9.Consumables monitor alarm filter service life

      10.Integral stainless steel fuselage, strong and durable, resistant to acid, alkali cleaning fluid, etc  

      11. Floating lotion emissions filtering, more environmental protection

      12.Effect of high pressure fan + hot air drying, drying more quickly and thoroughly

      13. Lower running cost, every time only 12 l liquid cleaning, clean end use compressed air recycling pipeline and pump more than residual liquid, liquid consumption can reduce 50%.

    •  Specification 

      Apply screen size

      Max 740mm(L) ×740mm(W) × 40mm(H)

      Cleaning fluid capacity


      Best liquid usage


      Clean and risn method

      Left-right moving high pressure liquid spray cleaning

      Drying method

      High pressure hot air(Optional super models)

      Clean time

      2-5 Min

      Cleaning fluid separation time


      Rinse time

      2-5 Min

      Rinse times

      1-99times (adjustable)

      Drying time


      Cleaning liquid recycling

      1μm (Micro filter: rosin, solder paste, flux and pollutants)

      Rinse liquid emission filter

      5μm (Micro filter: rosin, solder paste, flux and pollutants)

      Liquid heating temperature

      room temp~60°C


      Less than 50 decibels

      Range of resistivity tester


      DI water supply


      DI water pressure


      DI water Gateway connecting pipe

      1 Inch

      Air supply

       0.45Mpa ~0.7Mpa

      Power supply

      AC380V 50HZ 65A

      Total power


      Net weight


      Air out size



      1600mm(L) ×1160mm(W) ×1850mm(H)

    • The application fields :


    Contact Ushg2088新2网址

    Add: 1 Floor, 13 Building, HongFa Industrial Park, Tangtou Road 91, Shiyan Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China



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